Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Blizzard of Spring Break 08?

Yeah, that's right, just a week shy of St. Patrick's Day it looks more like Christmas in Ohio! They measured a record 18 inches in a 24 hour period. Unfortunately, it was the first day of OWU's spring break! Which means we have a few hundred anxious students on campus who are either trying to get home, get to the beach, or on one of our 14 mission/ wilderness trips!

I even made one of the craziest trips of my life this morning to Port Columbus to drop off our Joshua Tree Wilderness team, who miraculously made it to California today!!!

Here are some pics taken around our house tonight as we began to shovel out!

Woody enjoying the snow!

Our patio buried in snow! Check out the top of the grill and fire ring!

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